Jun. 27th, 2011

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I have forgotten to take my prozac for a week, and it is starting to show. So just to get some shit off my chest, I will list a bunch of things that make me irrationally mad. I know they are irrational, I just want to say them to someone.

1. The salon down the street whose scrolling marquee has been advertising cures for “curley” hair and also for “Morroccain” oil.
2. The people who keep parking in all the spots in front of my house.
3. The woman who parked in front of the pump so that no one else could use the other gas pump on her side, despite that there are only four pumps and the place is fucking busy.
4. The video game that I was playing that told me to look for the eight legged insect. SPIDERS ARE NOT INSECTS, DUMBASS.

I am sure there are more, but Jesus, those ones make me pissy. It will blow over.


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