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I read a bit in 2010, and I got one of those memes, but I just didn't feel like doing it until now. So here:

Wot I read in 2010. )

God I feel like I got nothing last year.
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A while back, I started a project to make me like the world better. It's called, "rec everything". Well, not precisely. I'm going through my flist and reccing my favorite thing from everyone on there. I'm doing it alphabetically.

I tried to hit everyone, but obviously not everyone creates on my flist. Some of the recs are art or vids, too. Some people I tried to look to see if they had fic pages and couldn't find one. If I have missed you, let me know.

So, this week, A and B )

If you like any of the fics or art or vids, leave feedback. People, I love you guys.
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1. [ profile] unovis_lj linked to a slideshow of the paintings stolen from the Museum of Modern Art in Paris on Thursday night. That takes balls. Balls made of stupid. LOL.

2. So, fest time. [ profile] retconbookwrite is a fest so we can wrote stories that involve Torchwood book canon. It's an exchange, so you can be challenged! And no, you don't have to have read all of the books! HOW AWESOME IS THAT. Remember though, no matter what the stripper tells you no matter what Cruentum tells you, there's no sex in the champagne room he's running this thing, not me. The [ profile] retconbookwrite is open for business and accepting signups until June 5th. Posting begins on September 15th. Rules and Questions here. Sign Ups here.


4. A Partial Map of Your TARDIS (Subject to Change) Haaahahah.


Apr. 30th, 2010 12:26 pm
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THING THE FIRST THE FIRST THING THE FIRST: Before I do anything, I have a rec: All In Good Time, this week's VS ep by the lovely bleu-bleu and kel, mistress of the night. I like the…individual of the week, and keep an eye out for Agent 888, because he is made of awesome.

I might have committed some fanfic for it. ::shifty eyes::

THING THE SECOND THE SECOND THING THE SECOND, DEAR LIZA, DEAR LIZA: I have something that's bothering me. I lie awake at night and think about it. It digs at me, like a splinter in your naughty bits.

Okay, maybe not that.

The Vidalia Chop Wizard

Let me elucidate. It's not the machine itself that bothers me. I can understand why someone might want one. It chops shit. It measures. I use a cuisinart and I enjoy the zen of hand chopping, but I can see how other might not. It's not the mechanism that bothers me. It's this, at :1, and :33, and then again at :50.

WHO IS THIS MORON CHOPPING THINGS? I get that they're trying to sell me their wares, but do they have to get the most incompetent idiot out there to pretend that their hands are painted on in order to sell it? Really?

I get it. Honestly honey, if that's the way you're going to hold the knife then you shouldn't be trusted with anything sharp anyway, but Jesus. It's a trend, the World's Most Incompetent [whatever]:

Fasta Pasta :1-:10
Pasta Pro :1-:10, 1:16,
Sonic Blade :1-:12, :32-:36, 1:18-1:19 (UNRELATED—1:45=Nannerpuss? and 1:54=WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? A KLINGON WEAPON MADE FROM FRUIT?!!?)

I stopped here, but I have seen it for things outside of the kitchen as well. Makes flappy hands OMG MY HANDS DON'T WORK.

That said, was I the only one during the Sonic Blade commercial doing every callback I knew from the dinner scene in Rocky?

I'm making lasagna today, and I am tempted to film parts of the process as if my hands are in a commercial for Sonic Pasta or something.

edit: Thanks to Sam, who has his fingers everywhere, I have watched this, over which I laughed my ass off (goodbye buns of steel!) and then felt smugly satisfied that I wasn't the only person seeing this. I AM NOT ALONE!

MBABB WC= 33962
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Firstly, let us all take a moment to appreciate the fine lyrical genius of Salt N Pepa's 1993 masterpiece, "Whatta Man", the Bechdel-strangling powerhouse ballad performed with nineties flash-paper early Destiny's Child predecessor, En Vogue:

What a man, what a man, what a man what a mighty good man
What a man, what a man, what a man what a mighty good man…

Just kidding. )

2. That said, I recently tried Caribou Coffee's offering, called Mahogany.

I want to take a minute or two, and give much respect due to the coffee I been drinking in the morn. )

3. Okay here's the thing—That Torchwood VS. I haven't been saying anything, and that's kind of shit because I wrote an ep with [ profile] cruentum and it was AWESOME, and Blue wrote and ep, and it was FUCKING AWESOME, and some other people wrote eps that were great, and all, but I didn't rec them all, and it's one of those things where you feel skeevy reccing one over the other. On the other hand, we all have a favorite TW script writer or preferred episodes, so I'll rec this week:

Family Business by [ profile] misswinterhill because it has Rhiannon and Ianto and Jack and all the fun. IT HAS BRICK THROWING JOHNNY, but they're all done so well.

Here's the thing. I think any instance in which we delve into Jack and Ianto's relationship in fanfic has the potential to go smooshy in an unrealistic way. Miss Thang doesn't do that. There's Ianto background, tension, a fight, all the while the MAIN plot is going on, and it's lovely, too.

I told Miss Thang and Crue, and so I'll say it here. She's got a gift for humor and timing, better than I've seen in a long time. I say it all the time and that makes me a ho, but a lot of people out there try to write humor, and they are "meh". They don't suck, but it's not…it doesn't have that click that comes from understanding timing or, more importantly, when to stop. Some people find a funny line, and yeah it was good, but then they push it further in the dialogue, keep the joke running too long. Miss Thang's good at knowing where that line is.

Thanks, girl.

NEXT WEEK, there will be the powerhouse of [ profile] blue_fjords and [ profile] kel_reiley. I've read the first half—it's fantastic. And if you haven't checked out Blue's co written ep Half-Baked, do so. RHYS AND CUPCAKES. Her JJ and his Torchwood training videos completely fleshed out a whole section of TW that I had never thought of before. HAAA.

And in closing:

Like engine-engine number nine
I got the rump-shakin' flavor with the nasty rhyme
So if the crowd can move with me, move with me
Salt-N-Pepa said groove with me, groove with me.

That is all.
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1. This actually works for me in many ways: The Birdcage recut so that it looks like a trailer for a drama:

2. LAND by [ profile] cthonus: read it. I can't stress how much I love this man's fic, but look:

"Does he?" Ianto asked unable to keep the bitterness from seeping into his tone. "You know what fucking stupid me did earlier? No?" He swallowed. "I told him I loved him." His shame burned on his cheeks. "I lay in his arms and told him I loved him."

Toshiko's hand went instinctively to cover her mouth. "What did he say?"

"Nothing." He spat. "Not a single bloody word."



3. [ profile] help_haiti fics underway. The big one is…well. Hrm. Planning. Post its are posty. Sort of. TOSH FIC IS TOSHY.

4. Chinese New Year menu is missing…three courses. Well, a pork and a soup. Fuckbears. Noodles might be a repeat, but my Bible says that they went quickly last year. But the pork dish has been the same for the past three years, so I think I might try something different. On the other hand, the duck is complicated enough that I maybe shouldn't be trying something complicated. Hrm. And fish.

THERE ARE TOO MANY THINGS TO PONDER IN THE MURKY WATERS. ALSO, [ profile] sthayashi, Prepare to come early, because you are going to help me prep and make summer rolls. I will teach you, weedhopper.

5. Remember that the poll for the RPF (Carnivale!) is still open, so if you are interested and haven't voted yet, please go see here. The mods have yet to get back to us, so we might not be able to promote it. In which case, WE SHALL RELY ON YOU, LIKE PBS.

6. Stumbled on another picture of Russell Tovey. Good god, you could fly to Guam with those ears. Still. Cute.
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1. First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] joanwilder, mah mum in RL and awesome Snarry writer (that has little to do with her being my mum, it's just cool.). TONIGHT, RED LOBSTER SHALL PH34R US.

2. Kidlet: (opens a coffee supply magazine) Once upon a time, [unintelligible] and Joan-ma and the snowman [???] and they [???], "Nooooo!"

3. [my thoughts on anything serious and fandom related, FOLLOWED BY LOLTASTIC LOLING. ALSO LOL IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU MAN]

4. Okay, so I bought Crue's ass in the [ profile] help_haiti auction (which if I heard right from [ profile] bethcarielle, had about 50K in confirmed donations as of last night—FUCKING A, FANDOM) and I gave him like a bushel of prompts (re: 2) so that meant that he ignored them completely and went to older prompts I had given him, because, I like to think, he wanted to surprise me. Because it's all about me, you know.

Anyway, what he came up with is Fishponies, a Scott/John story in which they plan a day out that gets derailed by John's work. Scott is delightfully passive-aggressive in that way that your spouse (or you) is when you're disappointed, but it's not really the other person's fault, but it is, and you don't want to be a bitch, but you do, because dammit, they could just HANG UP THE PHONE. But they can't, you know? That the dogs take the place of the children that Scott wants to have here is another layer, actually, and the way they deal with the dogs as the day wears on is a pretty telling example of how the Barrowman-Gill house would be with children.

Thanks so much, [ profile] cyus

5. For the Daily Deviant Kinky Krimmas fest over there on IJ, I wrote a short Harry Potter story called Never Be Too Careful in which Lee Jordan and George Weasley indulge in some product testing after hours and…well there was sounding, etc. After reading it, artist [ profile] veridian_dair contacted me about doing some art for it. I was all, "HELLS YEAH" and I just got the final result in the mail yesterday.

Behold: Lee/George, product testing (NSFW). I would especially like to point out my love of the uncircumcised cock.

6. My VS episode with Crue is the most awesome thing ever. It is cleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeverrrrrrrrrrrr. This guarantees that about three people besides us will like it. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

7. Please to be reading [ profile] lionessvalenti's adorable and awesome short, Hardly Appropriate Work Behavior (but what is these days?), because it has cute Jack/Ianto banter, and Gwen's wedding ring becomes a poignant symbol. I don't want to ruin it.

EDIT: INVISIBUL....SOMETHING Really, that's not invisible bike, but it has to be something. Leave it to John Barrowman to imitate an LOLCAT.
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1. Flapjacks liveblogged the Golden Globes No really this is worth reading. :P

2. REC: [ profile] cthonus has written a little holiday fic about the hazards of gift exchange, called Present Tense. I don't think I've ever heard of this form of gift exchange, but it's lolarious. And rather touching in a way.

3. Everyone is reminding, so I will too: less than 24 hours left on the slow auctions for [ profile] help_haiti. I have offered Post Its AND a 1000+ word fic. Both are at 45 bucks, which is pretty awesome.

I also have one slot left in the lightning round, Just in case you'd want to slip in and throw some money at Haiti now in exchange for making me your fic slave. EDIT: I'm spent like an old dishrag! Thanks all! [ profile] cruentum owns my arse for the moment, but as soon as his is posted, [ profile] husiemama takes over and then I'm freeeeeeeeee. That's a lie. Like the caek. Pretend it's not.
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First of all, I think I need to share this with you, because the second letter is worth the read. Also, I just don't read/hear "cooter" enough. Cooter. LOL. Cooooter. And on equally amusing lines is this thread from reddit, in which anons prove that really sometimes, no one knowing who you are can make the best conversations between people, especially when you're talking about having an orgasm from climbing rope.

Secondly, I lost a very good friendship yesterday to mutual asshattery, but every email has been written and sent and now we're at the Mexican standoff part where no one does anything. I think it's a window like the boyfriend window in Coupling. Movement in this time period could mean possible repair, but if enough time elapses, then it's broken irrevocably. I suspect that the window will simply fly by, silent as a drape runner coated with oiled cotton balls, mostly because we are also too stubborn to email each other. Something about pride and crapola. I dunno. I find myself listless and casting about for things in their absence, and that is a strange feeling.

But you know when you reach that point where you send an email or finish a sentence in a conversation, and you literally have no idea what to say next and you realise that that is because it's not your turn to talk? Yeah. That's another window. The pause window. And if you talk during that time then you risk the problem of overplaying your hand, or making the souffle fall or using too many metaphors in one sentence.

Thirddesque, I'm glad that people liked the fic yesterday. It had been eating at my skull, and is one of several almost finished fics that I have floating in the ether. They all pretty much need three paragraphs and money shot, but I've been putting them off for deadline fic, which is dumb, because this isn't professional writing, and I'm not beholden, and the deadline fic is like…well, I was gonna make a joke about blockage that would have ended with a prescribed enema, and no one wants that.

Funny, because the next fic to be done will probably be the enema fic. Just in case you were worried that I'd got all warm and fuzzy. Nope, this…wow I just erased the worst fecal related Dune joke ever. HONEST TO GOD, I DON'T KNOW WHERE THIS…OMG I HAVE TO ERASE THAT TOO. I AM SO SORRY, PEOPLE.

In the manner of fourth things, while we're on the subject of shit, I deleted my twitter, so you can stop emailing me to tell me that my twitter is gone. It wasn't a good idea for me, and I miss it, but I sense that it's the same thing as wanting to live off pork rinds and skittles. Or have a fish-pony. Think about that—would that really be a good idea? A fish-pony? As Topol would say, "A bird may love a fish, but where will they build a home? No, THERE IS NO OTHER HAND. TRADITION! LASER WOLF!" Ahem.

I know what you're going to say, "Amand-r, isn't the seahorse a fish-pony?" I have an answer for that, reader: fuck and you. You ruined a perfectly good false metaphor by looking for actual meaning instead of chuckling at the combination of the words fish and pony. I'm thinking of some guy standing out in the old west sniffing the air and saying, "The mail is coming." "How do you know?" young Clem, our narrator, would ask. "Smells like tuna," the some old guy would say.

Roll credits. That would have saved this show (and perhaps have got them corporate sponsorship).

Fish-ponies would also have saved this show. Well, no, nothing was gonna save this show.

Is fifthly even a word? If it were, I would say it right now for this: OH FLIST, I NEED HELP. )

Lastly, I'm a little perplexed as to why more people haven't read [ profile] lionessvalenti's Caught in the Ashes. A short anti-fix-it that is a fix-it, if you have very thin standards of things being fixed on more than one level. This is a Ianto who is alive and loves Jack, and a Jack who loves Ianto, but sometimes, well, sometimes. I don't want to get into a debate about sadness in fic being unbearable, Legolas, because my theory is that if Ianto's death made you sad, you've already had the worst of it, and this is gorgeous and sweet and sad in some ways, and ingenious in its narration, and so very spot on. The moments between Jack and Ianto are both wrenching and still the sort of affection that I will openly admit now that I always wanted to see from Jack.

And with some really gorgeous lines like Sometimes, you can rouse him with a drink and a strip show, or simply a smile at the right time, and he kisses you like he means it (maybe he does) and the two of you fall back in line. and Jack looks up and he's helpless. He's desperate and you've never seen him like this before. Something in your mind shifts and Jack is a new person., [ profile] lionessvalenti gives us a maybe-maybe not narrator who isn't sure of Jack even at the same time that you see Jack through their eyes as the man you know. That's charming. Also? A really smooth second person that I rather adore. But then, I'm biased in that department.

So drop your jocks and grab your socks and hie on over to read. To grandmother's house we go. Something about a sleigh and a horse. Oh shut up, you love it, Scott.
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1. Back in November or something, [ profile] lionessblack and I wrote Borrowed Time (or, That One Time Ianto and Jack Committed Grand Theft TARDIS) for the [ profile] tw_bigbang, and [ profile] laurab1 did some kickass fanart for it.

Some things never die, and WHY SHOULD THEY when [ profile] laurab1 had just written a little drabble in the same universe, an excerpt, called Foreign Language (or, One Of The Times Jack and Ianto committed Grand Sex TARDIS) . And it is awesome. Go over and tell her how great and sexy it is! GRAND. SEX. TARDIS. BRILL.

2. daily_deviant unveils their kinky kristmas today and one of the stories is by yours truly. I shall repost later. Brace yourselves—it's NOT Torchwood. I know.


4. I'm tired. I'm very very tired. I think I have Lupus or something. Maybe I should go see Dr. House for reassurance that it's not.
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1. Kidlet is sick. I am not a happy camper. Invariably, I will get sick. Bah. But she's miserable. Keeps walking around the house going, "MY NOSE! MY NOSE!" Yeah, I know, girl, but there's nothing I can do.

2. For reasons that I shan't go into, I need Torchwood Jack/Ianto kidfic recommendations. They can be good, bad or epic. I don't care. But I don't read kidfic, and I need a sampling so I can see tropes and shit. I'm not interested in the MPREG bit, or infancy much. I want kids. 18 months and on. I don't care whose they are originally, but they have to be J/I with kids. [NOTE: YEAH, I HAVE READ [ profile] dsudis's Get Loved...etc.]

3. I have a new writing regime. I have 10 (ten) stories designated as "open" or "in play". They are all on paper. Every day I pull the stack out and work on every single one until I feellike stopping, then I file it back in the "in play" bin. Then when the pile is empty I get them out, shuffle them, and start all over. It guarantees that I work on more than one thing at once. So far so good. Right now I have:

a. The Jaws thing
b. The VS
c. Project with Crue
d. Project with Hope
e. An owen/ianto
f. The alice fic
g. A truth serum fic
h. Bodyswap
i. A jack/god
j. A tw/hl

4. Because I am procrastinating about all that up there, a meme:

Ask me one fandom-related question in the comments. This can be fandom specific, general, or about fandom/lj stuff/fic writing/etc. in general.

Just one question, please, but it can (and perhaps should) have sub-parts.

Question can be as wacky as you want. Ask me about tv shows, characters, fanfic in general, fandom issues/meta, anything about any of my stories specifically. Whatever you want.

I figure that gives me a lot of wiggle room. Whatever you want. Just no NCIS, Merlin, or SPN. If you haven't heard me talk about it before, I probably don't know it. OH! I HAVE A FANDOMS LIST!
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[ profile] 51stcenturyfox has been a busy girl, with two fics that I read early in December and fell in love with. I had the pleaseure of seeing them in varying stages and hnest to god, Foxy writes like a dream.

Zihuatanejo (I had to c/p that title) is the story of Red and Andy after Shawshank ends and Red gets to the small town of Zihuatanejo. I loved the Red voice, the atmosphere of it, and it was sweet and rewarding at the same time.

Never Love A Wild Thing is her [ profile] reel_torchwood entry, with Breakfast at Tiffany's. Her Holly voice is perfect, and she tells of an encounter, well, I shan't spoil it for you. More a crossover than a fusion, really, but a damned good one.

2. I want to rec every fricking story on [ profile] twsecretsanta but I'm pretty sure that you've all read them all. But go over and read them, a phat 21 of them I think. BLACKJACK!

3. [ profile] wherepiesdie GOES LIVE WITH A DISCUSSION OF THE TWIN PEAKS PILOT ON THURSDAY, JANUARY 7TH. I AM WATCHING AND TAKING NOTES THIS WEEK! After this Thursday we'll have an episode discussion every Monday and Thursday. See the post in the comm for a detailed schedule. We welcome newbies and those who are watching again, and will have a spoiler cut code for discussions that jump ahead.



6. OMG for Crimmas [ profile] emquilxy got us a cooking class, and we just picked which one we're taking today: HOW TO MAKE PIEROGIES. FROM SCRATCH, BITCHES. Right now my pierogie cooking skills are pretty much: "Boil water; add frozen pierogies." BUT THAT SHALL CHANGE.

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Today you get a shitload of recs!

The beta code dictates that I gotta represent!

1. Two Hours Til Midnight by [ profile] paragraphs (in her fic lj, [ profile] laridaes) It’s Jack/Ianto and action, season 2. It's paragraph's first Torchwood fic! I loved the actiony nature of this fic, and the tentative Jack in the face of a silent Ianto. An object lesson of sorts, and on New Year's Eve!

2. Mind Your Language by [ profile] miss_winterhill when I got this doc I was astounded when the unique langage markers began in it. It's ingenious! And she used all of her recipient's pormpts which are amazing in and of themselves. And zombie blowfish! And a pet named Wibble. And a hot almost-sex scene. I loffed it.

3. We All Have to Start Somewhere by [ profile] lawsontl This is a lovely Gwen and Ianto fic set just after the end of Journey's end. Ianto is waiting for Jack to rteturn, and he and Gwen have a moment. It's a good moment. And of course, dalek gun.

4. Epiphany by [ profile] beesandbrews is a sweet moment in which Ianto realises that he loves Jack. The author plans a companion piece, so read this one first. I think it's romantic, and it reminds me of Austin's Emma , but that might be because I've seen Clueless lately.

5. The Rule of the Magician by [ profile] wynkat1313 is a gorgeous Ianto first person POV with whipping, bloodsport and restraints. When I read it, my jaw did a little dropping, because it's not what I expected. I dunno what I expected, but it's bloody and how and any time Jack's cock is tied up, I get all bothered. In the good way.

6. Friends in High Places (Gimme A Hand) by [ profile] curriejean It's the perfect filler fic for The Christmas Invasion. What was Ianto doing? What was Lisa doing? What was Torchwood Three doing? Special appearance by Yvonne Hartman! Unnnamed cameo by a certain Police Constable and a severed hand!

And in the interests of sort of deanoning, I'll admit that I filked the The Header Song and Be My Beta for foxy over in the anon meme for the SS. Not really comment fic, but I didn't do any comment fic, so there. Pbbbbblt.
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There was some hesitancy and debate about whether or not non participants were allowed to review the fic over there. OMG PLEASE DO SO. We won't be replying until after we've de-anoned, so don't get upset if we seem rude.

Anyway, here's a list of all the fic so far. I put the characters in the fics, and left out all the pairings. Deal.

ANON wrote The War at Home for [ profile] amand_r (Jack. Gwen, Ianto, Rhys)
ANON wrote All The Best Stories Start With A Death for [ profile] cruentum (Ianto, Jack)
ANON wrote Doctor's Orders for [ profile] used_songs (Owen, Ianto, Tosh, Jack)
ANON wrote The Better Things for [ profile] nancybrown (Ianto, Lois Habiba)
ANON wrote In This Time for [ profile] electro_club (Andy, Ianto)
ANON wrote Great Balls Afire for [ profile] blue_fjords (Jack, Rhys, Gwen, Ianto, Andy)
ANON wrote Nine Tenths of the Law for [ profile] phaetonschariot (Jack, Ianto)
ANON wrote Cast no shadow for [ profile] kel_reiley (Rhiannon, Jack)
ANON wrote We All Have to Start Somewhere for [ profile] solsticezero (Gwen, Ianto)
ANON wrote hotaru no hikari (the light of fireflies) for [ profile] xtricks (Tosh, Jack, early team)
ANON wrote Hearts (hand-made): 1.50 quid a piece for [ profile] lionessvalenti (Ianto, Lisa, Jack, team)
ANON wrote Mind Your Language for [ profile] lawsontl (Jack, Ianto, Gwen)

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1. OMG so for the 12 Days of Cliché, which I am not participating in though I should because of, well because, anyway, [ profile] angstslashhope has created some Torchwood Pulp Novel Covers and I don't know which one is my fav. Possibly the one with the love triangle.

2. HAAHAHAHAHHAHHA. MY DECEMBER IS LIKE PERFORMANCE ART. I wish I hadn’t entries that broke it up, but there we go. I feel…like a young Mexican Chihuahua. Thanks, Gordon Cole.


4. THE GUESSING POST AT [ profile] twsecretsanta has links to all the fics posted so far.

5. [ profile] laurab1 wrote me and Crue a little RPS for the holidays, involving Zaza trimming that red dress with white. Sort of. Dirty girl. Of course the dogs are there. Oh poor Scott. Santa Baby.

6. Kidlet has been given a Spiderman punching bag. I think she's out there trying to serve it tea. Or hump it. It's unclear.


CONFLISTED: (adj) state of being when one asks one's friends list or twitter feed a question and receives many opposite suggestions or opinions on the matter.
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So, yet another story finished. I keep this up, I'll be finished with all my obligations by…next Sunday. BRILLIANT! WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?

Let's do the countdown, shall we? )

I feel I have accomplished a lot today and I haven't even slept yet. Sleep gives you cancer, man, everybody knows that.
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1. I think I'm allergic to sleep, or have developed a psychotic aversion to it, manifesting in hives. I break out in hives in my feet, wrists and inner or back of the thighs only right before I am due to go to bed. No, sometimes I'm not even changed into my jim-jams, sometimes I'm in the shower, sometimes I'm just sitting at my desk and THINKING about going to bed. I also occasionally get them when I wake up, but most of the time it's the bedtime thing.

2. [ profile] topgeargirl2 wrote me a bitching J/I drabble about "Hungry Like the Wolf". Go tell her how much she rocks. After you read it. MINE IS NUMBER ONE, BABY!

3. Talk Like a Pirate Day was one of Tianyu's favorite days. I'm staying inside and off the internets.



5. Today is Hermione Granger's birthday, and in honor of that, the Hermione Big Bang has gone live. I have an offering, so no, no bodyswap today. Sorry, picnics.
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1. Bigger Than Cheeses has nailed Edward from Twilight for me.

2. [ profile] curriejean, your packet went out today! That means that all is left is to get things to 2 more peeps, and a few more back in the mail, and it will be ready for me to work mah magic. I've been saving them all to work on at once. I have the blood and the blowtorches ready.

INPUT: RED FOOD COLOURING—effective blood substitute or should I use real blood? I ask this because I remember that real blood dries rusty on paper, and I don't want ineffective bright red dried blood (don't be all grossed out. I'm sure that I'll accidentally cut myself sometime in the next few weeks, I'm accident prone.). Hrm.


For a long time, [ profile] amonitrate has been talking about this story that she calls "the cheeseburger story", in which Tony Stark and Happy Hogan "drive around, do nothing, and get cheeseburgers". I didn't understand. I just didn't understand that this is the day he comes back from Afghanistan. The cheeseburgers? They're THOSE cheeseburgers, and they don't stop there. Happy takes Tony around through the evening, and through Happy's eyes you see Tony as a man who is slowly getting used to the idea of being free, of being Tony Stark again, of doing all the little things he obviously was deprived of for three months. Interwoven, you see glimpses of Pepper and Happy himself, their lives and how everything revolves around Tony in a way. What I appreciated is that it's a story in which nothing and EVERYTHING happens. "Slice of life"? Is that what we call that?

Anyway. read it. Cheeseburger First

4. Whinging about me, because I haven't done it in a while. Whut, like a week, LOL. )

5. Okay here's the thing: someone made a comment about how all my whinging Tianyu death blah blah posts as of late have had the comments disabled, and the thing is—I don't want you to feel like you should say something about it, so I disable. It isn't that I don't think you all have meaningful things to say, or that I think you would tell me hollow things, it's that I don't want people to think I am fishing for comments.

I damn well blah blah say what I what whenever I want wherever I want to whomever I want however I want insert the rest of the Slim Shady lyric here (something about slapping bitches, I am sure). So I'll be writing about Tianyu and my inability to move away from him, like we're clingwrapped together—oh holy shit no. Anyway, do not ever feel that you even have to acknowledge that I said anything. You can skim right the fuck over it. I just feel some sort of cold comfort knowing that someone out there might have read it besides me. I only left this open in case you had something to say about points 1-3, which are all awesome. AND ALSO THE NEXT POINT, WHICH IS ALSO AWESOME--

6. My new Janto Theme Song is Regina Spektor's Folding Chair SHIPPY BULLSHIT. Failing that, it's just such a snappy song! Silly clown!
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1. [ profile] 51stcenturyfox has been carpetbombing us with smut lately. This is me not complaining. Go read her little Jack/Ianto "smutbiscuit" called Tell Me If you haven't already. Dirty talk is awesome. Schway, even.

2. Today is picspam day.

Amand-r, what do you do all day?

This. )

3. I GOT A BOX, AND IT WASN'T TICKING. It was from [ profile] darthhellokitty and inside was UNIMAGINABLE TERROR. Oh and Jack Harkness's cock. )

4. I also got my Hub 3 ticket in the mail. It's on now. I have to go! For great justice!

5. I know that I owe an awesome post about the museum that I went to with the ladies in DC, because I have funny captions and shit, but I am lazy.


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