Mar. 28th, 2011

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"Yeah,, I don't know what else we can do."

"We can retcon the fuck out of him, I suppose," Maggie said. "I have this idea for lickable retcon, see, it's diluted and you paint it on envelopes where the glue is."

"In another time, Mags, MI-6 would have stolen you from your bed and kept you in a cage in the basement to come up with these treats," Jack said, then took a big bite of banana.

Gwen rolled her eyes and shrugged her shoulders. "Cut him loose, all of them, but tell them we never want to have to see them again, do you understand?"

Jack tossed the peel in the bin in the hallway and saluted with two fingers. "Jawohl, Herr Commandant."

Gwen decided that she was going to ignore all of this. She was going to go upstairs and eat the half of the Caramel Milka bar that she'd locked in her desk. Then she was going to call Whitehall. Then she was going to go home. She was booking off tomorrow morning, so she could see her son when his eyes were open.

Maggie snorted. "I bet I would be better at interrogation if someone would let me kick something in the balls."


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