Jul. 16th, 2011

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"And then we had to cut open the dead horses and crawl inside them for warmth, until we were rescued."

Maggie stared at Daniel with saucer eyes. Gwen covered her mouth and bit her tongue. They were leaving the sewer access in lower Penarth, after what had pretty much been a fruitless search for live weevils. All the weevils were dead. They weren't even finding carcasses anymore.

"Oh wow," Maggie breathed. "Like in Star Wars."

Daniel shone his torch along the wall as they ambled. "Smelled better than a Taun Taun."

Maggie stopped and stared at Daniel. "I love you."

"Yes, well," Gwen cut in before it could get stranger (or geekier). "Nothing but a bunch of shite, yeah? Let's go home and shower. Separately," she added. It wasn't that she thought Maggie and Daniel were going to become an item, it was that people in Torchwood tended to hump each other like rabbits, and she didn't want to be around to see it blossoming. She remembered busting Tosh's computer because of the innocent (or not-so-innocent) flirting that came with that kind of humping, and she would like for them to do all of that outside of the Hub.

Preferably when she was not around.

She walked ahead at a brisk pace towards the access up. Behind her, Maggie asked, "So, where do you stand on Jar-Jar…?"

"You can't be seriously."

"Seriously, you're my new BFF."

"Is that badly?" Daniel pulled down the access ladder and waved Maggie to go up first. Gwen covered their backs in the tunnel, just in case there was something down there that wanted a parting swipe.

Maggie replied as she clunked up the ladder. "No, it's awesome. We'll quote Star Wars and have a secret soci—oof!" she lost her footing on the ladder and stuttered down a rung.

Daniel reached up with one hand, but his palm didn't actually connect with anything, which was good, because of it had, it would have been Maggie's arse. Gwen could just see them having blonde Celtic/Nordic sex right here, and she didn't want to. Dear god, she didn't want to.

"Stay on target," Daniel said, and Maggie laughed. Oh god, Rhys said that when aiming nappies for the bin.


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