May. 29th, 2011

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“I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you a few questions,” she said, reaching for Junkie’s shoulder in a reassuring pat.

Not the best move. “Gerroff me!” shouted Junkie, waving his hands. “I HAVE RIGHTS.”

Lois trained the stun gun on the other man, who hadn’t even bothered to let go of his cigarette. Instead, he clamped it between his lips, nodded to the girl, and held out his wrists.

“All right then, off we go,” he said, gesturing with his outstretched hands. “Take us away.”

Lois blinked at him, and then glanced at Gwen. Huh.

Junkie was still having none of it. He flopped down on the ground and hit his head off the kerb. “POLICE BRUTALITY!”

Gwen hauled him to his feet, flashed her badge at the crowd, and then dragged him down the street as gently as she could, whilst Lois merely followed Huw and the girl back to the SUV.

Junkie flapped his hands again. His head had to hurt. There was blood on his scalp. It would give Daniel something to do, really.

“Vandy, hesh up,” the girl said. “They can’t do nothing. We didn’t do nothing.”

Gwen opened the back hatch of the SUV and lowered the locking gate that would keep their passengers from crawling into the back seat. There was a little bit of jostling to fit every one in, and then she slammed the hatch on them all. The tinted windows kept them safely out of public view, which was just as well, since she could hear the thumping on the glass and Vandy’s muffled shouts of, “Four five six was a lie! Flatulent aliens control Parliament! The government assassinated Prime Minister Jones!” Oh dear god.

Lois shrugged at her and wiped her hands, and belatedly Gwen remembered her comm. She unmuted her speaker to call off the stakeout, but Lois raised her hand. “Let him finish.”

“--I have the plasma rifle and I’m backing down the hallway," Jack went on, "and all these Daleks are everywhere...”



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