Mar. 20th, 2011

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The first time I heard of gluten allergies and Celiac Sprue was in 1999, when my co-oping teacher had been diagnosed with it. I remember her freaking out because as an Italian, that discounted about 75 percent of the things she liked to eat (including beer!) Back then, she had corn flour and rice flour to choose from, and man did it suck. I made her some peanut butterscotch rice krispy treats, and she was over the moon.

But man, have options improved since then. I'm sure it's still not easy remaining and eating gluten free, but the baking is sure as hell better. I remember she bringing in all her attempts to make bread with various flours—they sucked. And xanthan gum was unheard of in these parts, at least.

Anyway, I like to try my hand at allergen baking, since I cook for a dude with a poultry/egg allergy, and he's a challenge sometimes (MORE THE POULTRY. STEVE, EAT MY DUCK, DAMMIT!), and gluten free is a challenge I can never resist. I've only ever baked for one person with a gluten allergy, and the whole science of mixing flours for texture caught me. How awesome is that?

It's been a gluten free week!! )

Buy these cookies before I eat them all, dammit.


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