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Me: (reading email, typing out answer) I do love bakin. [as in cookies]
Viv: I love bacon, too!
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Biscotti: Hazelnut and Pistachio--sold out!

Both of these come from the same base, but what a difference zest and nuts make! This biscotti is mini-sized—great with espresso!

The hazelnut biscotti is flavored with filberts and tangerine zest—dark and rich and very nutty—good with a cup of coffee. The pistachio and lemon zest flavored biscotti—lighter in colour and flavour, with more fruity notes—would go excellent with tea. But don't take my word for it.. Try it yourself!

Cool fact: I don't like biscotti. But I have been nomming the ends all morning.

Ingredients: flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, eggs, butter, [pistachios, lemon zest], [hazelnuts, orange zest].
Price: $7/package (specify hazelnut, pistachio, or a mix)
Available: SOLD OUT..

PAYMENT: If you want something, comment here! Then when I give the okay, paypal the fundage to amandr at gmail dot com.
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(re)Visions: Alice is the first in a planned series in the (re)Visions line, which is devoted to exploring the lasting legacy of classic works of speculative fiction on our genres and on our lives. In each book in the series, four authors will tackle a classic work of imaginative fiction, and give it their own spin; along with each of these novellas will also be the original work. In this first entry, Lewis Carroll's timeless classic, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, is presented, along with four modern pieces based on his work.

Digital copies just 5 bucks! Woot!

Happy reading!

Also, shout out to C, whose book, Long Way Home, is available today from Loose-Id! Yay, C!
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Chocolate-covered Cherry Cookies

Yeah, baby. It's a cherry on a cookie, covered in chocolate. Actually, it's a half a cherry, but who cares? Little divots are made in the dough, and then the cherry is smashed in there. Chocolate is used to seal over the top, and voila! The cherry and its juices are trapped inside, waiting to be set free.

In your belleh.

Also, just a reminder, There are still some Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffle Shortbread Cookies left. Order one of each and get a dollar off your order!

Ingredients: butter, eggs, sugar, vanilla, salt, baking powder, baking soda, flour, cocoa powder, semisweet chocolate, sweetened condensed milk, maraschino cherries.
Price: $6/dozen
Available: SOLD OUT

PAYMENT: If you want something, comment here! Then when I give the okay, paypal the fundage to amandr at gmail dot com.
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Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffle Shortbread Sandwiches

While sitting here with a bunch of leftover peanut butter chocolate truffle mixture, I thought, “Well, Beavis, what do you do with this?” I made this up. Sort of. I mean, I combined recipes. That's when I'm at my best (that is where the chocolate caramel shortbread came from).

The shortbread is crumbly and melt-in-the-mouth good (the secret is subbing cornstarch for some of the flour), and the truffle mixture is pure chocolate/peanut butter/cream goodness. Each sandwich is mini (see picture) so as to be the perfect mouthful. And because they're so small, you get 20 little evil temptations!

Ingredients: butter, powdered sugar, cornstarch, flour, vanilla, salt, semisweet chocolate, peanut butter, heavy cream.
Price: $5/20
Available: SOLD OUT

PAYMENT: If you want something, comment here! Then when I give the okay, paypal the fundage to amandr at gmail dot com.

LATER THIS WEEK: Chocolate covered cherry cookies
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That's right! Halloween time! Also, it's baking time! Temps are down, shipping is awesome! I have a lot of stuff I'd like to try, and a bunch of crap that will have to be offloaded into your bellies.

[Poll #1786136]

Thank you!
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Four hours to get your special reward by kickstarting (re)Visions: Alice! Click below!

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Cherry Bombs!

Hello Daddy, hello Mom, I'm your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch cherry bomb! These cookies are slightly bigger than bite size, but they pack a punch! The simple dough is sweet, and embedded in the middle is a maraschino cherry with the stem still on, making each little cookie look like a tiny bomb of awesome!

Ingredients: butter, sugar, eggs, baking soda, flour, baking powder, salt, maraschino cherries, powdered sugar.
Price: 7/dozen
Available: 2 dozen

PAYMENT: If you want something, comment here! Then when I give the okay, paypal the fundage to amandr at gmail dot com.

TOMORROW: Cherry-Chocolate Biscotti
Viv: I want to be a mailman!
Me: Really?
Viv: Yeah! A MAILMAN!
Me: Well, I am sure that's a fun job.
Viv: I will deliver all the mail!
Me: Well, I hate to break it to you honey, but by the time you're old enough to be a mailman, that job might not be available anymore. Not like it is now.
Viv: Whaaaaaa?
Me: Well, see since the start of email, people just don't send as much mail, and the post office has been having money problems, and so they have to downsize and make themselves smaller so that they can stay in business.
Viv: ...
Me: I imagine that they won't ever truly disappear. Maybe they'll privatise, or something.
Viv: (holds up envelopes) I was just going to play mailman on my bike when we get home.
Me: Oh.
Viv: The valentines are for the kids, and the bills are for the people.
Me: Oh, so grown ups don't get valentines?
Viv: They're fun.
Me: I see. Well, why don't the kids get the bills?
Viv: Because they have scary things in them.
Me: This is hard to deny.


Sep. 21st, 2011 10:45 pm
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I am having a down period. Dunno why. I wonder if they're seasonal. Just wanted to tell someone.

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1. The computer died. I am writing to you from the new one, Toshiko Toshiba, Mistress of the Dark Computer Arts.

a. This means that everything is actually trapped on my old hard drive, including the stories i owe three of you. I have to get ahold of a serial hard drive case, and when I do, I can access the giant vag in the center of the earth files again. I might just have to start those stories over in the meantime.

2. I need german food recipes! I am having the buds over for dinner, and i want to make spaetzle! I cannot get good brats here, sadface. But I was thinking I might try the strip district for some rabbit! Anyone have anything German to recommend?

3. As announced on twitter, I shall be writing a YA novel that is a steampunk vampire rip-off of The Color Purple called, "The Color Vortex" or possibly "The Vortex purple." It might also involve a Danny Glover robot that says "I'm too old for this shit."

Really, most of this stupid shit is on my twitter. If you ever feel the nee to talk to me during the day about lame shit, I'm cerebralcutlass.

4. ALSO--even though I am behind on the stories, I am still sending out the cookies soon! SO! IF YOU WOULD LIKE SOME GINGERNSNAPS OR GARAM MASALA CHOCOLATE GINGERBREAD, AND A LITTLE FICLET, PLEASE SEE HERE: Amand-r's Frabjous Writing Promo. The ficlets are supposed to be 500 words, but as you can see from the first one, I kind of discard that sometimes. BUT 500 WORD MINIMUM!

The first story was for [ profile] lilian_cho, and was called Registry, inspired by her starter sentence of, "It's not like there's a Chinese gay kama sutra."

5. Soon I shall watch the second half of Torchwood Miracle Day. And then, even thought I have been discouraged with fandom lately, I shall open the las.

6. Highlander peeps, I have not forgot you! Not having the templates on hand makes life slightly more pissy, but I know how to cut and paste, so I'll steal them soon. Sign ups start tomorrow, I think!
Vstroyer:Lemme see your cut again.
Me: (shows her my surgery scar on the back of my neck) Looks like a zipper, doesn't it?
Me: That's where I unzip my skin so I can take it off and send it to the dry cleaners.
Vstroyer: What?
Me:I unzip my skin and send it out to be cleaned.
Vstroyer: ...That's very nice!

Me: You're my favorite girl.
Vstroyer: Me too.
Me: You're your favorite girl?
Vstroyer: Yeah.
Me: Oh
Vstroyer:And you too.
Me: Magnanimous of you.
Vstroyer: Yeah.
Title: Registry
For: [ profile] lilian_cho
Thanks: [ profile] neifile7, [ profile] paragraphs and anon editor in gdocs.

It’s not like there's a gay Chinese kama sutra. )

Cookies and other fics to come later this week. I have not forgotten about you other people.


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