Sep. 8th, 2011

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"I'm calling Captain Harkness again," Lois said, dialing the number.

John sighed. "Just remember not to answer questions before he asks them. That only works on the telly."

"," answered Jack.

"Captain Harkness, this is Lois. John Hart and I are trapped in a seven minute time loop."

John scrolled his hand.

"Huh what?" Jack mumbled. Lois heard the rustling of sheets.

"John Hart and I are trapped in a seven minute time loop. Yes." Lois rattled on, watching the minute hands of the kitchen clock. "No, we tried that, I can't tell, he says it's not, in the shower, I was drunk, lesbian bar, and yeah, I am well aware of that."

John sighed and shook his head, then headed for the scotch.

"Lois," Jack said grumpily, "answering questions before the asker can think of them only works on the telly."

Lois rolled her eyes and sighed. John took a swig of scotch and bowed deeply, gesturing for the phone. "Give it." When Lois handed over the mobile, he paced, gesturing with the glass. "Oh fairy cake, give her a break. It's her first time loop."


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